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Personalized information. Perfected.

Direct Mail

Easily personalize information for your targets with our web-to-print service. Much like variable data, names, graphics and copy are tailored directly to your audience.

Customized web forms gather the information necessary to get you connected to your target. This information can be automatically mailed to your targets based on the provided information. imPress will create a web-to-print portal to simplify your distribution and tracking process. Your sales team will have access to a single online portal location. Here, your team will find materials to optimize your sales processes and can print materials on demand.

imPress is dedicated to helping you create the best strategies and tactics to fit your clientele needs. Our solutions can help you integrate your personal web-to-print portal into existing infrastructure, develop new graphics and messaging for your printed materials, and utilize a mailing option for distributing this information.

Benefits of a web-to-print campaign include:

  • Allows manufacturers to spread its brand through the distribution channels
  • Customized marketing materials
  • Management of branding
  • Cost reduction
  • Campaign tracking, including ROI and marketing expenditures